2020-03-30 - Giovanni Di Maria

Covid-19: A Review of Low-Cost Ventilators

Designers from all over the world are working to design and build special low-cost ventilators in no time to fight…

2020-03-19 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

Cooking Italian Cuisine With Open-Source Hardware

The hardware project presented here is a basis for having fun implementing different solutions.

2020-03-11 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

Open Source to Drive Energy Transition

LF Energy is a multi-stakeholder consortium that is trying to use the power of open source to modernize the energy…

2020-02-13 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

Open-Source Hardware in the Modern Era

Arduino Uno arrived in 2005. Many things have changed since then, but the best way to know Arduino is to…

2020-01-10 - Sally Ward-Foxton

AI Mapping Used for Disaster Preparedness

Intel has partnered with the Red Cross on its Missing Maps project to map vulnerable areas and identify roads, bridges,…

2019-12-18 - Nitin Dahad

Broadcom Ships Tomahawk 4 for Hyperscale Networks

The monolithic chip delivers 64 ports of 400GbE switching and routing for hyperscale networks.

2019-12-09 - Nitin Dahad

UltraSoC Donates Trace Encoder

Having the encoder available should help minimize the possible risk for potential RISC-V developers.

2019-11-07 - Nitin Dahad

Google Announce Open Source Silicon Root of Trust Project

'Blind trust is no longer necessary', says Google head, as open source silicon root of trust project launches.

2019-10-16 - Kevin Krewell

Arm Offer Response to RISC-V

After decades, Arm has finally decided to allow licensees to build their own custom instructions, which are often useful to…

2019-07-17 - Nitin Dahad

Arm Launches New Service to Combat Open-Source Alternatives

Arm has made it easier for chip designers to experiment with its IP, with a flexible access engagement model that…