2018-02-01 - STMicroelectronics

Interactive A/D mixed signal modeling via Foreign VHDL/Verilog C

In this article an analog-digital mixed signal modeling approach based on the conversion of analog Matlab/Simulink® model to C code…

2017-07-13 - Toshiba

Low noise amplifier targets AFE sensors

The TC75S67TU op amp is suitable for analog front-end (AFE) circuits of sensors and Toshiba is targeting applications such as…

2017-06-19 - EE Times India

16-channel converters supply up to 14V output

The fully integrated devices have all the required bias ranges for coherent optical systems of medium- to long-haul, fibre-based telecommunication…

2017-05-29 - Analog Devices

Isolated gate drivers boast low propagation delay

ADI claims the ADuM4120 and ADuM4121 are suited to improving the energy efficiency and timing performance stability of solar inverters,…

2017-04-20 - EE Times India

18-bit octal ADC adds picoamp inputs

Picoamp inputs and 128dB CMRR over a 30VP-P common mode range allow the LTC2358-18 to connect to a variety of…

2017-03-31 - Vivek Nanda

Analog Devices acquires GaAs, GaN amp vendor

ADI is targeting next-gen cable access networks with the purchase of OneTree Microdevices, a California-based GaAs and GaN amplifier vendor.

2017-03-29 - EE Times India

100V bridge power stage module adds 120V driver IC

The FDMF8811 delivers system efficiencies in excess of 97% in full-bridge 600W applications, according to On Semiconductor.

2017-03-10 - Texas Instruments

4-20mA DAC integrates buck/boost converter

The DAC8775 adjusts the generated supply based on the current load on the 4mA-20mA loop, creating a system with well-controlled…

2017-03-06 - Vicor

Buck-boost converter delivers up to 140W power

The PI3740 can be used in a range of applications that require the use of several alternative regulators having narrower…

2017-03-03 - Linear Technology

Rail-to-rail op-amps operate on 5.25V supply

Linear Technology’s op amps feature current supply range of between 20µA to 240µA per amplifier.