2019-11-05 - STMicroelectronics

Next-Generation Automotive Exterior Lighting Solutions

Next-generation lighting design will enable more customized and animated lighting patterns through control of hundreds of individual OLEDs. Technology will…

2019-11-04 - Maxim Integrated

Essential Analog Portfolio by Maxim Shatter Industry Benchmarks

MAX6078A, MAX16155 and MAX16160 deliver precision measurement and reliable protection for consumer, communications, industrial and medical applications

2019-08-28 - STMicroelectronics

New VIPer Converter from STMicroelectronics

New VIPer Converter from STMicroelectronics Features Market’s Highest MOSFET Breakdown Voltage, 1050V, for Robust and Reliable Power Supplies.

2019-06-24 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics Targets Mass-Market Tracking and Navigation Applications

STMicroelectronics has enlarged its GNSS product offering with the Teseo-LIV3R ROM-based module.

2019-05-23 - STMicroelectronics

ST Collaborates with Gaia to Advance ‘Clean India’ Mission

STMicroelectronics announces its collaboration with Gaia Smart Cities Solutions Pvt. Ltd to develop a citizen smart feedback system

2019-04-29 - STMicroelectronics

MEMS Chip Combines Accelerometer Temperature Sensor

STMicroelectronics LIS2DTW12 combines a MEMS 3-axis accelerometer and a temperature sensor on a single die for use in space-constrained and…

2019-04-16 - STMicroelectronics

Driver Enhances Lighting Effects for Smart Devices and Wearables

STMicroelectronics LED1202 12-channel LED driver enables smoother and more natural interactions with smart-home devices, wearable electronics, and small appliances

2017-05-23 - Fujitsu Electronics

Fujitsu offers high temp, low storage density FRAM

Fujitsu's MB85RS128TY is a 128kbit high temperature FRAM that targets automotive and industrial applications.

2017-04-13 - Vivek Nanda

CUI enhances Peltier module reliability

CUI's Peltier modules use a proprietary 'arcTEC' structure improved reliability, performance and cycle life.

2017-02-10 - Linear Technology

No-opto flyback boasts +/-1% load regulation

By sampling the reflected isolated output voltage across the third winding on the power transformer, LT8315 requires no opto-isolator for…