Maxim Himalaya Power Modules


The Maxim Himalaya is a set of Power Supply Solutions and products targeted mainly for industrial equipment and any applications requiring simultaneously efficiency, small form factor,
ultra-low power dissipation, low EMI emission and fast design.
The course starts with a short refresh on what are the main architectures and categories in Power Supply area with their pros and cons, followed by design and layout enhancements
that can be made in term to fulfil the increasing requirements and challenges in term of miniaturization, power efficiency, voltage ranges, heat generation…
Then Maxim techniques are explained with newest ICs, modules and design support tools.

Anthony T. Huynh (a.k.a. Thong Anthony Huynh)
Principal Member of Technical Staff – Applications Engineering at Maxim Integrated

Anthony T. Huynh (a.k.a. Thong Anthony Huynh) is a Principal Member of Technical Staff – Applications Engineering at Maxim Integrated. He has 20+ years designing/defining isolated/non-isolated switching power supplies and power management products. At Maxim, he has defined 100+ power management products including dc-dc converters, hot swap controllers, Power-over-Ethernet and various system-protection ICs adopted by the world’s leading manufacturers.

Anthony holds 7 U.S. patents in power electronics and has written several public articles/application notes in this area. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University and has completed all course work for an MS in Electrical Engineering at Portland State University where he also taught a power electronics course as an adjunct instructor. At Maxim, Anthony has authored and presented many customer and field training seminars in the power electronics area.

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