2020-04-03 - IDC

COVID-19 to Significantly Impact Global Chip Market

According to IDC, the COVID-19 virus will have a serious impact on the semiconductor market, likely be close to US$26…

2020-03-30 - Giovanni Di Maria

Covid-19: A Review of Low-Cost Ventilators

Designers from all over the world are working to design and build special low-cost ventilators in no time to fight…

2020-03-16 - Nitin Dahad

New Project Aims to Detect Hearth Disease With Silicon Photonics

A new EU funded project aims to develop a silicon photonics mobile diagnostic device to identify and characterize different stages…

2020-02-26 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

Challenges in Medical Electronics

Electromedical devices for diagnosis and the treatment of numerous diseases must meet particularly strict quality, reliability, and safety requirements.

2020-02-21 - Barbara Jorgensen

Covid-19: Companies Prepare for Fallout

We surveyed high-tech companies around the world to find out what they are experiencing in the supply chain right now.

2020-02-13 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

Ultrasound as a Treatment for Parkinson’s Symptoms

An ultrasound technique developed by Italian researchers reduces tremors and improves the quality of life of people who have Parkinson’s…

2020-01-07 - Nitin Dahad

CES: Top Trends in 2020

Intelligence, Electrification, and Digital Health are the new flavours of the week.

2019-12-16 - Gary Hilson

Defending Cyborg Rights

Will Canada be first to develop policy around volunteer cyborgs? Will we soon use implants to unlock doors or start…

2019-12-10 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

First Bionic Chip Designed to Treat Alzheimer’s

The first artificial digital neuron has been created in the laboratory, with the aim of restoring lost brain functions. Scientists…

2019-11-18 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

Medical Devices Need for Security

Hacking is a perpetual fear, but there's a more prosaic need for safety: preventing device counterfeiting.