2020-04-06 - Vishal Goyal

IoT in Agriculture and Farming

IoT enabled agriculture can help to achieve the desired outcome and help to take informed decision. With the advent of…

2020-03-23 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

IoT Design Gets Smart and Secure Embedded Solutions

Microchip has launched a range of IoT solutions for rapid prototyping by using cloud connectivity for all integrated microcontroller solutions.

2020-01-08 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

Arduino Launches Portenta H7 for IoT Development

The module is directly compatible with most Arduino libraries and can run TensorFlow Lite, JavaScript, MicroPython, Mbed OS, and of…

2019-11-22 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

Development Kits Designed Specifically for IoT

Smart boards enable cost-effective prototyping. New boards are available from Aconno, Sony, and Cypress.

2019-11-20 - Alan Patterson

Amazon, Mediatek Look to Lead in Smart Homes

Amazon is betting that TVs will end up being home automation hubs, and MediaTek expects to help Amazon realize that…

2019-07-24 - Rick Merritt

Iota, Anterix Plan Licensed Sub-Gigahertz Networks

Two companies are buying licensed 800- to 900-MHz spectrum to create new wide-area networks for the Internet of things.

2019-06-12 - Rick Merritt

Embedded Benchmark Needs Support

A handful of mainly academic researchers aim to create EmBench, a free benchmark for embedded processors based on real-world applications

2019-06-10 - Dylan McGrath

Diligent Security Requires Continual Evolution

Microsoft's Galen Hunt issued a call to action to secure the IoT. It can be done, he insists

2019-04-29 - Rick Merritt

SiLabs Rolls Out New IoT Modules

Designers are turning to integrated parts, Silicon Labs said as it rolled out its latest multi-protocol SoCs for the IoT.

2019-04-25 - Giovanni Frezza, Molex

Managing Connected Lighting Solutions

New technologies and scalable approaches hope to overcome large scale deployment obstacles for IoT technologies.